Marisol Rubio

Family brand. Named after a mother; a caring, detail-oriented, sensible woman, always committed to providing the best.

Launched in 2018, it carries her name as a tribute in her honor. Marisol’s joy, drive, and passion for life inspired us to create this brand.

We have used the signature of our mother not just for the logo, but also for the letters of the brand as it reflects her personality and distinction.

The golden color has been selected as the evocation of the light that emanates from the sun.

who we are





We are Piedad and Jorge, siblings from a traditional family of farmers. Five generations. We were born between vines, olive trees, and grain, in the small town of Villanueva de Alcardate in Toledo. Our parents, Cipriano and Marisol, taught us to love and respect nature. We have seen our forefathers “give their all” in the fields, planting and caring for their crops. As children, we also helped in many of these duties, including pruning vines, picking olives, and the harvest. All of this formed parts of our childhood and adolescence. Conscious of the importance of having a solid education, we decided to study Journalism and Industrial Engineering in University Carlos III of Madrid. Afterwards, we completed postgraduate studies in the United States and Germany.

Many of our stories come from the vineyards, which are everything for us. We have good years, and others in which months-long work is stopped short by the season. Yet, this is life when you are in the hands of nature. The moments of joy of viewing your grapes and olives develop with the same love and care with which they were created compensate for everything. And now the satisfaction of having developed a wine and oil marked for their exclusivity, their delicate care, and our complete dedication. Products which are the result of the grand labor of our father, Cipriano Garrido, in the agricultural work where for many years, he prized quality over quantity. Life, which in these unexpected moments can devastate a crop, quickly carried away our mother. Her joy, her drive, and her passion for life inspired us to create the brand Marisol Rubio, a brand marked by sublime flavor, exquisite taste, and unique aromas.


The Vineyard


Located at an altitude of 837 meters, most of our 25 hectares are vineyards devoted to varieties such as Pedro Ximenez, Tempranillo or the indigenous Airen.

Nowadays, fields are structured into lots, which are cultivated and harvested specifically according to our varietal catalog. Our Pedro Ximenez fields have inspired us to create CIMA, our flagship wine resembling our unique countryside landmark. Our soils are mainly made of limestone and are mild on organic matter. Its composition, in addition to its altitude, make our fields produce unique and innovative wines. They exhibit character, elegance, crispness and long guard capabilities proper of border vineyards, which distinguish our grapes from other fields in the region.

The hardiness of our soil, suitable only for sturdy crops like vine, in addition to the extraordinary temperature gap between winter and summer, as well as night and day, confer a special acidity and a low PH to grapes, so that we they provide full phenolic? maturity with compromising on excessive alcoholic graduation, which is always kept under 14 degrees.

The Olive Grove

In out olive trees, a diversity of varieties will be found. However, Cornicabra is predominant. 

The hardiness of this variety make it perfectly adapt to the dry weather of our fields and overcome winter.

The olive grove is mostly over a century old. From then, only traditional agriculture has been applied, helped by artisan, high quality instruments. Olive trees are taken care of delicately, including a precise winter pruning and controlled use of fertilizers. It all leads to a very natural, healthy and sustainable olive oil.

An early harvest is performed in order to produce a fruity, green, high-quality olive oil. A stepped harvest is carried out to leverage the optimal maturity point for each olive tree. End-to-end traceability is guaranteed by proper book keeping.


Wines and oils



White dry

100% Pedro Ximénez

Manual in boxes

October, 2018

May, 2019

1.455 bottles


Clean and bright

Straw yellow with elegant shades of new gold with green reflections

Clean and frank aromatic set

White fruits floral with light toasted and mineral touches

Balanced, middleweight and satyr

Primary smells strengthen

Aftertaste feeling including saline touches

Starters: iberian inlaid, soft cheeses and semi-cured, grilled vegetables, seafood and mollusc 

Main courses: rice, pasta, white fish, meat not overly flavored

Entre 8 y 10ºC


We pick up our crops first thing in the morning. We only we pick up those grapes that fall under our high quality standards. This is a manual process, gently placing the grapes on boxes. Later we transfer the product to our bodega maintaining the product integrity, avoiding any possible fermentation. 

Once in our cellar, the grapes are partially de-stemmed with rubber rolls to continue further pressing at a latter time. 

The pressing of the grapes is performed using traditional methods, such as a horizontal wood press, which extracts the first drippings of the must flower, and it is transported to an underground concrete tank where a static clarifying process takes place for 12 hours.

The clean must is fermented in the concrete tank under controlled temperature, while partial maceration takes place. Towards the end of the alcoholic fermentation process, the must-wine is inserted in a 300-liter French oak barrel where it goes through a weekly battonage (less stirring) until a few weeks prior to bottling, where the wine is let to clear and stabilize spontaneously.

This is our process to create and maintain an extremely noble and elegant product.




High, predominant green banana and almond

Tomato and artichoke combination, providing freshness by sensory direct via

Mid intensity of “bitter” and “spicy” being fluid in throat

Excellent to dress salads, on toast, to cense meats or fish, as well as in exotic dishes such as ceviche and tropical fruits

Energy: 3700Kj / 900Kcal 

Fat: 91g

Saturates: 12,4g

Monounsaturated: 79g

Polyunsaturated: 8,6g

Carbohydrate: 0g

Sugars: 0g

Protein: 0g

Salt: 0g


Our olives are mostly of the Cornicabra variety, known for all of its cooking and health qualities. 

We manually harvest the olive to provide organoleptic complexity to the final product. When the olives arrive to the mill, they are cleaned and washed of any impurities, using a stainless steel washer. Later it is crushed in guaranteed cold to maintain its natural qualities.

Once it is naturally decanted, it goes through stainless steel deposits maintaining a temperature of 19-22°C. Lastly, we complete our quality control process, filtrating the oil, and eliminating any organic matter in suspension, bottling the final product.

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where to find us




Goya, 54 45810 Villanueva de Alcardete (Toledo)